Fourth generation Jonathan Connolly continues to uphold the brand, manufacturing Connolly leather of the exceptional and unique quality it has always been recognised for. With over 30 years in the industry, Jonathan Connolly continues to supply exclusive, high quality leather to the motor, aviation, yachting and furnishing industries. The focus is very much on designing the leather for the individual customers' requirements, producing authentic hide for restoration work and, in many cases, developing unique colours and textures for individual projects.

Connolly plays an integral part in the global classic car market as owners and restorers alike strive for authenticity and excellence. So too is Connolly leather the first choice of luxury car manufacturers when developing and manufacturing exclusive designs and modifications for their top end clients. As the specification for luxury grows in the yacht and motor boat industry, Connolly has seen its share in this market grow. Luxury restaurants and hotels looking for stand out upholstery also look to the broad knowledge and experience of Connolly Leather to meet their needs.